Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

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To start off, I just want to say that this post is not going to bash everyone who is in a relationship, or sulk over singledom. This post comes in peace and with love.

I am single, have been for years, and I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Not going to lie, I still get that little twinge of sadness when I go to the grocery store and see all these men buying flowers for that special someone. However, I immediately become interested in which bin they will pick from: will he go for the wilted $4 flowers? The $15 and above? Or is he going all out, up to the counter to get that beautifully handpicked masterpiece that could cost him $50 if not more? I could sit there all day guessing who is going to choose what, but I digress. The point is, this day is about love – and it doesn’t have to be romantic love.

I say that we use this day’s wonderful, loving, magical energy to just be happy, and be good to ourselves. This day is a great excuse to do several awesome things: eat chocolate, leave work early, go to a fancy dinner, drink a little too much wine (it is Friday after all), and maybe spend some time with friends or family members who don’t have plans either. Now that is some good lovin!

So get dressed up, buy you some flowers, get out with friends and feel the love. You can even come join me at Kroger for the flower olympics! If you’re single enjoy the freedom and possibility that comes with that. And if you’re attached, enjoy the magic that is romance, and the fact that you get to sleep in tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day, world!

Kristina Carpenter

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