Tavi Gevinson: Inspiration for Bloggers

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I’ve been blogging for a little over three years now. In the beginning I was writing for several companies, then started doing some of my own stuff. When you’re writing for many different genres a week, from plumbing to decorating your home, ideas can begin to run low… I think they call this writer’s block. So when I needed inspiration I would usually look through Pinterest or scour mommy blogs (weirdly some of the best personal blogs on the web). Now I have another inspiration, Tavi Gevinson. She helps me to remember why I love this, why I love writing, and just what the whole point was. It’s so easy to get bogged down when you’re always writing about what someone else wants you to write about. Below is the video that introduced me to Tavi. After that I was looking for her everywhere, I even went to her first site, Style Rookie, and went back to the very beginning to see how she evolved from a hungry 11 year-old to the voice of a generation (sorry Lena Dunham).


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