Left vs. Right Brain

You have probably heard over your lifetime the differences between right and left brain thinkers. It probably started in elementary school; those who were really good at math used the left side more, while those who were more creative, and maybe better at language and writing, or design used the right side. I am definitely a right side thinker, and I have always felt bad about it. Personally, I love that I can be creative, I love writing, reading fiction, all those right-brained things, but I do remember it not being a very good thing when I was in school. It wasn’t until my junior year of college when I took a creative writing class that I ever really saw my own potential. That’s right, all those long years of schooling I always felt like I was struggling. I made pretty good grades but I always felt like my mind worked differently, or that I had to really push myself to see things the way the teacher explained it. Not to place blame, but I don’t think this means something is wrong with me, I think this means our school system is built almost entirely for the left-brainers.

This obviously makes some sense; the left is very analytical, quantitative and so are many of the important things we have to learn in school – but for those of us that learn differently, why is it always concluded that something is wrong with us, we’re not as smart, we don’t apply ourselves, or we’re some special case?

The infographic I’m sharing in this post obviously favors the left side thinkers as most institutions and people do. You’ll notice that most of the right side is negative – we’re very fantastical and disorganized. I’m not saying the creator meant to take any sides, but this displays the “reality” of the matter very well.

painters in Kentucky

Source: Business Insider

Kristina Carpenter

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