Cooking and Baking Substitutes (Infographic)

I just finished my yoga teacher training, and while it was a blast I was the only one who wasn’t either a vegetarian or vegan. I am now a fresh new vegetarian working my way through old cravings and preparing for holidays without turkey and ham. I am happy with my decision, however, and I learned a lot on the nutritional and food preparation side of my teacher training. So when I saw this infographic I though it was a great way to quickly find the substitute you need. For my vegan friends, wherever it says milk, you can of course use almond or soy milk. And for yogurt I recommend soy yogurt. Overall, this is a great infographic for those of us who are just trying to eat healthier. I mean applesauce is much healthier than margarine and still gives whatever you’re cooking or baking a great flavor and texture. Happy cooking, friends!




Kristina Carpenter

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