The Psychology of Colors in Advertising


The image above was taken from our infographic and was one of the most popular topics after its release. As an ad major the main thing we were trying to grasp was how to get the word out and then how to measure it. Most of us didn’t go into the field with bad intentions, and we all hate commercials just as much as everyone else – that is, unless we actually need what the commercial is offering.

Using certain marketing and advertising strategies to sell a product, idea, or service may seem like a manipulation, but consider other types of similar “manipulations:” a woman in makeup, a man who prefers to wear suits over jeans, or someone who drives a luxury vehicle. It is a style, a way to present yourself or your company. It’s not so powerful that it’s going to magically make you want a Big Mac every time you see the sign – however, if you are that impressionable you may consider taking a look at why you’re so easily swayed rather than blaming it on the color red.

Kristina Carpenter

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