The Psychology of Chakras and Aura Reading: Part II.

As promised, in part 2 I will dive into basic information about your chakras, and reading auras. Let’s begin with chakras.

Chakras are points in the human body that store our most vital energy. I think of it as the root of your energy symptoms. Energy symptoms (a term I made up myself to explain this) could be actual physical pain one feels, or emotional strain/stress. Symptoms could also be positive: physical bliss, or emotional relief/balance. See the seven chakras below:


The Sanskrit meaning of the word is “wheel,” see how all seven are shaped? It is your inner circle of life, always spinning, always giving off energy. As you can see from the image, the points are your major plexuses – for those who are skeptical and try to explore science with a very tiny microscope, this may help you to feel better about the idea. However, it’s not a hard concept. Those who work in holistic healing (this includes yoga teachers) consider cleansing chakras a very important part of their practice. Think of it as an emotional or spiritual detox. When I say spirit, please don’t take that as something religious or anything in that genre, think of your spirit as the collection of your energies helping to create your overall health and personality. I’m not saying that if you have throat cancer that cleansing your throat chakra will cure you, I’m saying that it can definitely help with how you handle it and how you feel, and could possibly have helped with preventing disease or other health issues because of its stress relieving abilities. So how can we relate these to auras, and how does one read auras?

Everything I have discussed so far has been regarding the physical or emotional elements of one’s health. Auras could be classified as a spiritual element. You can find a ton of stuff online saying that one color aura fits all. It does seem plausible seeing that the chakras have been assigned colors. I’ve read a few of Rose Rosetree’s books, who is one of the most well-known writers and teachers when it comes to empathic abilities. Before I lose you by saying empathic abilities, I urge you to read the discussion on this and brain development in part one, and maybe do some quick research on your own. This is not so far fetched.

Specifically in her book, Aura Reading she really talks more about the different types of empathic abilities and how even that is technically aura reading. I see her point, she means just reading energy – however, I believe aura reading to be either visual, a physical feeling, or simply knowing (a sixth sense – notice chakra six is the third eye). The other senses: taste, hearing, scent – do not fall in the same category to me.

So I do think an obviously red aura would signify something with the root chakra, or signify the person feeling grounded. You don’t have to read auras to cleanse or massage the chakras you can simply ask what issues are being had and know where you need to focus. Aura reading will be more of a help in recognizing the areas of a person’s personality that are most prevalent at that time – yes, a person’s aura can change. I am including a link to a site that goes over what each color may mean. I encourage you to work more towards building your intuition as a whole before you jump into aura reading. Research it, because you may find your strengths are somewhere else. And you may realize that one color doesn’t always mean the same thing every time.

Comments and discussion are very much welcomed on this topic. I would love to know what you all have to say.


Kristina Carpenter

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