The Basics of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui originated in China and is a way of balancing our spirits with our environment. The goal is to let energy flow throughout the room as it is supposed to: the energy of a living room should be inviting and influence socializing, while the bedroom should be quiet and more on the warm side, color-wise.

One of the most obvious steps towards feng shui when decorating your home is clearing clutter. Everything should have its place, even if it’s miscellaneous. Its place is not scattered on the floor, or thrown on a chair. This also helps to reduce stress. Another way to do this is to keep aggressive furniture or art in an area that is not as lived in – especially not in the areas where you sleep. Furniture should be placed strategically, for instance: the bed should not face the door, for that is invasive, and couches/chairs in a living room should be facing each other to promote socializing. Finally, plants and water help to create a kind, healthy atmosphere. Not only do plants improve the air quality but they represent life and calm. The site or sound of water is also relaxing, whether it be a fish bowl/tank, or a decorative system that imitates the sound of water in motion.


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